Freiburg in the Black Forest


The Schwabentor (English Swabian Gate), also called Obertor in the Middle Ages

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Freiburg in the Black Forest, Schwabentor and Cathedral

Freiburg, the gateway to the highest regions of the Black Forest, is in a sinuousness of the Rhine plain and has an extraordinarily mild climate. Since its foundation by the Zähringer around 1120, this city has always been attractive because of the pleasant contrast of its temperature with that of the heights of the Black Forest. Freiburg belonged to Austria from 1368 to 1805. Magnificent buildings adorn the Münster Square: the old Kaufhaus with stepped gable, completed in 1532; the "Wenzigerhaus" of 1762; the Hauptwache, building of the old body of guard of 1733, and the "Kornhaus".

The Schwalbentor in Freiburg, one of the two medieval gates of the city, leads directly to the heart of the old quarter. In the 19th century, art historian, Jakob Burckhardt, described the cathedral of "Our Lady" as one that had "the most beautiful tower of Christianity." The majestic tower seems, despite its height of 116 meters, light as a filigree work. It took 300 years to finish the cathedral.


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